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North Star Alliance

St Peter’s are very proud to be members of North Star and Polaris Teaching School Alliances. North Star and Polaris formed a unique partnership in 2016 to support school improvement across North Yorkshire and work with around 70 primary schools in the region. Our collective aim is to improve outcomes for all children through a self-sustaining, dynamic system of school improvement and support across North Yorkshire and beyond. '

Class 1

Class 1Class 1

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On behalf of myself, class teacher, Mrs Wilkinson and our Teaching Assistant, Mrs Lott, we wish you a very warm welcome to class 1. Within the classroom we teach, guide and support, a mix age of reception, year 1 and year 2 pupils.

Our overriding aim is to provide a vibrant, supportive and nurturing environment where our children feel safe and secure and above all, happy to learn, grow and develop. Myself and Mrs Lott take great pride in our energetic, enthusiastic, hard working and caring attitudes, in providing each individual and unique child with the best possible start to their life long learning journey.


Welcome to the new school year!

We hope you have all really enjoyed the Summer holidays and are ready for all the exciting things ahead this year.


Our topic for this term will be ‘People who help us’ and, after half term, ‘Celebrations’.

This half term we will be looking at how we have changed as we have grown up and who has helped us (Family members, Church, doctors, nurses , emergency services and others) As we look at our village, we will be able to see where people who can help us are located. We will also look back at two famous nurses and how they helped people-Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell.

People who help us in class!

Helping all our learning this term with Mrs Wilkinson will be Mrs Lott (TA) every morning and Monday afternoon, Mrs Jarvis (TA) Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and Mr Wilson (TA) Thursday and Friday afternoon.


PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Please make sure your child has shorts and t-shirt and PE shoes with their name clearly labelled. Clothes can easily get mixed up at this age!

Phonics and Reading

The children in Reception and Year1 will have a daily phonics lesson. There will have be a reinforcement activity to do at home too.

All children will have a reading book changed regularly at school and library book. Our library day is Thursday. When the children read a comment is written in their home school book. Please feel free to add any comments yourselves when you read with your child.

Mrs Lott and I will be holding a Phonics session for parents later on this month. We will send a letter home soon to tell you more about it.


Children in Reception and Year 1 will have reading books, phonic activities and maths activities (often related to counting) each week. Later in the year Year 1 children start spellings.

In Year 2 there will be reading, maths and spelling/ grammar activities each week.

And there’s more…

Mrs Hayne will be teaching Class 1 on a Wednesday afternoon and so the children will have a French, Music and RE time with her.

Mrs Laity will be teaching us singing on a Thursday afternoon.


You are all welcome at 3pm on a Friday to come to our School Celebration Assembly in the Hall where children share good work and achievements.


Please come and ask if there is anything you are unsure of!


Thank You,

Julie Wilkinson

Class 1 Teacher


Year 1

Children in year 1 will follow the Key Stage one curriculum (  and will learn along side reception children, who will be following the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (please see our foundation stage section )

A high level of flexibility and organisation in lesson planning is used to ensure that our teaching in class 1, meets the needs of both age groups and all abilities within the class are supported. There are lots of benefits of this mixed age class structure including, pupils stay with the same teacher for a couple of years which allows the teacher to develop a deeper understanding of a pupil’s strengths and needs, and puts the teachers in a better position to support their learning. Also there is a strong sense of collaborative leaning amongst the children and their peers.


Foundation Stage

Early learning goals are used to guide their learning and development process. These seven areas of leaning and development focuses on the whole child and help him/her to grow into a happy, secure, confident and well adjusted independent learner. This is also closely linked to a variety of both structured and spontaneous play activities and guided and self directed experiential learning.


Home Visits

Before children start their learning journey in class 1, myself and Mrs Lott will carry out a home and/or nursery visit, to see children in their familiar environment. We feel this is really important to get to know the child and here are some other reasons for doing so:

  • To build up a warm caring relationship with the child and parent/carer before the child starts school.
  • To meet the child in their natural environment and to establish a friendship to ease the settling in period.
  • To ensure that the child has met staff on familiar territory. This can help the children feel more confident about making the transition from home to school.
  • To encourage parents to share with us as much information as possible about their child. This information will help us get to know the child’s needs and to plan an appropriate settling in programme.
  • To get a picture of what the child likes to do at home.
  • To share information about St Peters and what happens there.
  • To allow parents/carers to share things in private and without interruption.


The School day

Arrive  at  08.50hrs

Carpet time/ register  09.00hrs

Teaching input and activities until  10.15hrs

Assembly  10.15hrs

Playtime  10.30hrs

Snack time fruit (social/ speaking and listening to each other) 10.50hrs

Teaching input 11.00hrs

Story Time and hand wash before lunch  11.45hrs

Lunch time  12pm-1pm

Book time  1pm-1.20pm

Activities  1.20pm-2.30pm

Tidy up Library/music/singing  2.30pm

Getting ready for home  3.20pm

Home time  3.30pm


I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please do call in at anytime to see our fabulous classroom, and I will be happy to have a chat with you about any aspect of your child starting/joining class 1 here at  St  Peters Brafferton.


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