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North Star Alliance

St Peter’s are very proud to be members of North Star and Polaris Teaching School Alliances. North Star and Polaris formed a unique partnership in 2016 to support school improvement across North Yorkshire and work with around 70 primary schools in the region. Our collective aim is to improve outcomes for all children through a self-sustaining, dynamic system of school improvement and support across North Yorkshire and beyond. '

Uniform and equipment for school


At St Peters School, we believe strongly that a school uniform plays a valuable role in contributing positively to the school ethos. We also believe that, a uniform protects the pupils from social pressures to dress in a particular way and more importantly, it nurtures cohesion and ensures that all pupils from different races and background feel welcome. The school uniform policy was developed by Shirley Sowray Early Years School Governor and was agreed by Kate McEvoy Head Teacher and the board of school governors. The policy was approved and ratified by the Governing Body during the summer term 2013 and it will take on effect from September 2013.



With the guidance from this policy we aim to :

  • Ensure that within our school we wish to positively promote an atmosphere which encourages effort, enjoyment, and a celebration of the achievements of all our pupils.
  • To maintain feelings of pride, a sense of belonging and to enable all pupils to relate to their school/learning identity.
  • To engender a sense of community and to promote equality to their peers of all pupils.
  • Our uniform is based on good value for money and is smart and practical.
  • Our School uniform policy in underpinned by health and safety aspects and ensures pupil comfort.


Our uniform

This can be ordered and purchased from the Uniform Embroidery Service at  by completing the online order form, selecting St Peters Brafferton School from the list of schools available.


The school uniform.

  • Navy sweat shirt with school logo
  • Navy cardigan with school log
  • Navy polo shirt with school logo
  • White polo shirt with school logo
  • Grey trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore
  • Plain dark socks
  • Grey woollen tights
  • White socks can be worn by girls along with their skirts/dresses/pinafores
  • Light blue check gingham summer dress.
  • Black or navy coloured shoes (please be aware that if sending children to school with sandals, there maybe a safety issue with regards to feet protection)
  • School bags may be also purchased with the school logo on.


PE kit

  • Plain white T shirt and plain dark shorts
  • Pumps or trainers
  • Jogging bottoms for outdoor session when it is cold
  • Fleece/Sweatshirt for outdoor PE sessions when it is cold


Swimming kit

  • Swimming costume, towel, hairbrush and a swim bag is required.
  • Please note that tights are hard to take off and put on after swimming and so these are best avoided on swim days please.


Jewellery/Piercings /Tattoos

On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery to school. Should a pupil have pierced ears, earring studs may be permitted but must be removed by him/herself for PE and swimming. Due to safety reasons it is preferred that earring studs are not worn on PE/swimming days. Any other piercings are not permitted in school. Tattoos are also not permitted in school.





No makeup or nail varnish should be worn with the exception of school plays/productions.



Watches maybe warn for school.  However, school can not hold any responsibility for any loss or damage of the pupil’s watches.



Hair should be clean and tidy and tied back if long enough, especially  for PE/swimming.


Summer requirements

  • A sun hat is essential in sunny weather
  • On sunny days sun cream should be applied before coming to school.



St Peters School provides all equipment that pupils will need for their studies. However, once pupils reach the upper junior classes they can bring their own pencil cases and writing equipment etc.




Role of the Head Teacher and Governing Body

  • The head teacher has a role for ensuring and monitoring that all pupils comply with the uniform policy.
  • The Governing Body, along with the Head Teacher, should be receptive and supportive to any reasonable complaint from parents/carers concerning uniform. They also have a duty to handle this complaint with high regard and respect, considering fairly the issues rose. Governors should work in partnership with parents/carers to arrive at a mutually acceptable outcome.
  • Both the Head Teacher and the Governing Body will follow the DfES guidelines on school uniform.


Role of the Class Teachers and Support Staff

  • Set a good example in terms of dress
  • Assist the Head Teacher in ensuring and monitoring that all pupils comply with the uniform policy.


Role of the Parents/Carers

  • To ensure that their child/children adhere to the school uniform policy and dress appropriately to ensure optimal safety and learning.
  • To ensure that their child/children attends school everyday in school uniform unless there are special circumstances such as parties and celebrations.
  • Parents and Carers should raise any complaints or difficulties with regards to school uniform issues that they may be to the Head Teacher.


Role of the pupil

  • All pupils have a level of responsibility (age dependent) to follow the uniform policy and wear the correct clothing for school.
  • To report any damage to their uniforms to their class teacher.
  • Pupils should treat their uniform and the uniform of their peers, with care and respect.

Racial Equality and Equal Opprtunity

All pupils have the right to equal access to wearing the school uniform regardless of their culture, race, religion, gender, disability or ability. We ensure that our school uniform respects other policies such as Race Relations, Sex Discriminations and Human Rights. In fulfilling its obligations to the above, the school may have good reason for restricting the individual’s freedoms/choices, to ensure effective teaching, the promotion of cohesion, and the prevention of bullying or genuine health and safety or security promotion.


Monitoring and Review

The Governing Body will monitor and review the uniform policy by:

  • The Head Teacher and all teaching staff have a right and a duty to address and assess situations when the school uniform policy is not being followed and be guided by their discipline and behaviour policy.
  • Asking the Head Teacher to report to the Governors about the implementation of the uniform policy and adherence.
  • All staff to provide ongoing support for parents/ carers in their role of ensuring their children follows the uniform policy.
  • The Governing body should consider when deemed relevant, seeking the views of parents and pupils and their agreement and support of the policy

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