Assessing children’s learning and progress against the outcomes set out in the National Curriculum is a key part of what we do in school to raise standards and ensure that all pupils make excellent progress. Our ongoing qualitative pupil assessments are a highly effective way for teachers to identify what pupils know, where gaps or misconceptions lie and how they should plan future teaching accordingly. Importantly, they also enable teachers to continuously assess the effectiveness of their own teaching and ensure that immediate action is taken to ensure that no child falls behind.

We also carry out half-termly quantitative assessments and use the combined information to be able to track children’s progress towards their end of year targets. This also allows us to monitor our effectiveness as a school.

Statutory assessments take place at the end of the Reception year, in Year 1 through the Year 1 Phonics test, at the end of Year 2 through SATs and teacher assessment and Year 4 with a Multiplication Check Infomation. Children also sit SATs tests at the end of Year 6.