Collecting children from school

The end of the school day is 3.30pm and parents are able to come onto the lower playground, next to Helperbees Preschool, to wait for their children no earlier than 3.25pm. Children should not be collected before this time unless there are exceptional circumstances, in which event, the Headteacher’s permission must be sought (please see our Attendance Policy for details.)

Parents of children in Classes 1, 2 and 3 are asked to collect their children from the side gate near to Helperbees Preschool or the gate at the bottom of the school drive at 3.30pm. Older children in Class 3 may walk home on their own as long as permission has been given by a parent / carer.

Children traveling by bus or taxi will wait in the school office for a staff member to collect them and take them to the taxi/bus.

If you are unexpectedly delayed and are unable to collect or will be late collecting your child from school, please contact the school immediately (tel. no. 01423 360250). Any child not collected within 10 minutes will be taken to BASE and should be collected from there. Please also ensure that the school has up to date contact details, including a telephone number to contact you.

If you arrange for another adult to collect your child, you must let the school know the details of that person. Please note, we will not allow your child to be taken home by another adult unless this has previously been arranged by the parent/carer and s/he has given permission.

Teachers will be available if parents would like to speak to them before or after school, or by prior arrangement.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation in ensuring your child is collected safely at the end of each day.