About Us

Our School Vision

As a church school, our vision is for each child to have a love of learning, hope, confidence, wisdom and respect for all.

Life in all its fullness John 10:10

We reflect our vision and values through our principles for teaching and learning which provide our aims for all children at St Peter’s.

Our principles for learning at St Peter’s Brafferton:

  • Every child succeeds: we provide an inclusive education within a culture of support and high expectations; make every child feel valued and secure, raise aspirations and achievement; involve parents
  • Build upon what learners know: Structure and pace teaching so that pupils know what is to be learnt and how, set clear learning goals, make each learning experience count.
  • Make learning vivid and real: Develop understanding through enquiry, creativity, use of new technologies, and thinking skills; make learning relevant and purposeful.
  • Make learning enjoyable and challenging experience: Stimulate learning through ensuring teaching techniques and strategies respond to the needs of pupils, make creative use of learning opportunities appropriate to the material to be learned.
  • Enrich the learning experience: create an effective environment for learning, infuse learning skills across a broad curriculum, use a variety of learning experiences and the environment, foster curiosity, creativity and imagination.
  • Promote assessment for learning: Make children active partners in their learning, share learning intentions, use success criteria, encourage reflection and evaluation and use effective feedback strategies which identifies next steps in learning for improvement.
  • Develop learning skills and personal qualities: Develop confidence, self-discipline and an understanding of the learning process; create effective, enthusiastic and independent learners.