Before and After School Club

At BASE we aim to be a ‘home away from home’.  We firmly believe that free play is essential to children’s overall development.  It helps children to develop friendships, explore new ideas, problem solve and explore their creativity.  Our aim is to provide the play opportunities to enable them to achieve their full potential.

We encourage children to take an active role in BASE and always welcome their suggestions and ideas.


  • Where: we are based in the Helperbees building, providing a relaxed, homely atmosphere.
  • Opening times: am 8.00 – 9.00am; 3.30 – 6pm .
  • Snacks: we provide healthy, fresh snacks, that the children, through choice, often help to prepare.  Breakfast is healthy cereals, toast, fruit and fresh fruit juice.
  • Some activities include:  den building, water play, nature walks, bonfire parties, BBQs.
  • We always welcome visits and actively encourage parents to be involved.
  • Cost: £4.50 morning session, £9 after school. (Please see Admission and Fees Policy)
  • Contact Us at 

Please note that the 4 closure weeks for 2021/22 are::

w/c 20th December 2021

w/c 11th April 2022

w/c 8th August 2022

w/c 15th August 2021

We will also be closed on INSET training days.